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March 7, 2018

Weebin’ out with Nick Wolfhard

Tyler and Mikey-chan are joined by voice actor/twitch streamer, Nick Wolfhard, to discuss Tokusatsu, 1980s cartoons, expensive Japanese toys, and a multitude of other topics Tyler typically refuses to indulge Mikey-chan in, and have a heated debate on what can and cannot be considered pizza.

You can catch Nick on 'Beyblade Burst', and 'World Trigger', and check out his streams at You can also watch his younger brother/twitch stream co-host,Finn on 'Stranger Things', which I think is on computers or something, and check out Calpurnia's debut single, 'City Boy' on iTunes or Spotify. 

Follow us on iTunes and Twitter, and Mikey-Chan will personally guarantee that Nick and Finn will come to Brazil. 

All apologies to the great state of Connecticut. It is a lovely place filled with lovely people and Michael Holler is a huge jerk. *

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